Male And Female Drivers Arguing Over Damage To Cars After Accident

Why Road Rage Causes So Many Car Accidents

Some people might think that road rage only includes extremely violent behavior when behind the wheel, like shooting at another car or ramming a car or pedestrian with one’s vehicle, but road rage can include many different types of aggressive driving. When a driver engages in dangerous conduct because of anger, impatience, or other uncontrolled […]

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Business Lawyer discussing legal documents with client

What is the Corporate Charter?

The corporate charter is the same thing as the articles of incorporation. South Carolina requires the incorporator of a corporation to file specific documents with the Secretary of State to become a valid corporation in our state. A South Carolina business attorney can draft your incorporation documents, including your corporate charter. Let’s answer the question, […]

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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Every personal injury case is different because everyone’s situation is unique. For example, if you got hurt in a car crash, another passenger in your car might have a personal injury claim worth much more or much less than yours.  A South Carolina personal injury attorney would need to talk to you and investigate your […]

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Alternatives to Trials During the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic temporarily changed the way we do many things, like shopping, working, and doing business. The courts got caught in the crosshairs of the situation because people have legal rights, and those rights sometimes clashed with the public health emergency. Some cases get automatically dismissed if not resolved within 365 days of filing. […]

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motor scooter

How Safe Are Motor Scooters in South Carolina?

Anybody that has recently had to fill up their car with gas may have balked at the price they paid. Many of us have started to dream of the freedom and price tag that a motor scooter could offer for our regular commuting. From our perspective as South Carolina motor scooter accident attorneys, we want […]

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business incorporations

Where Should You Incorporate Your Business?

You should incorporate your company in a state where you do business and where the advantages of incorporating in that state outweigh any disadvantages. If you have a start-up venture, you will likely find South Carolina to be friendly toward businesses. A South Carolina business attorney can provide guidance on where you should incorporate your […]

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