Business client and lawyer discussing documents

Resolving LLC Member Disputes in South Carolina

Like any other type of business structure, a limited liability company (LLC) can face internal disputes among its members. It is important to know your options when there is conflict within an LLC. The long-term health and viability of the business depend on being able to resolve disagreements. A South Carolina business attorney can provide […]

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Client sitting with personal injury attorney

What Should I Do Following an Electric Vehicle Accident?

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles are growing in number. Therefore, you have a better chance of being involved in a traffic accident with an electric vehicle. Additionally, these vehicles pose significant risks to pedestrians and bicyclists because of the low noise levels emitted from these vehicles.   An electric vehicle accident can cause traumatic injuries. If […]

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A meeting among business associates

5 Myths That Cause Businesses to Fail

You formed your business to succeed. Your goal is to grow your company and expand your business to increase revenue. However, listening to unfounded business myths could cause your business to fail. Instead, work with a South Carolina business lawyer to ensure your company is on track to meet your goals for growth and success. […]

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Business partners speaking

What Are the Most Common Causes of Partnership Disputes?

Partnership disputes can damage the business working relationship to the point of breaking up the partnership. It could help you avoid these conflicts if you know what are the most common causes of partnership disputes. Open communication can lead to improved understanding for the partners. A South Carolina business attorney can provide guidance on how […]

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