Injured man meeting with attorneys

Proving Lost Wages After a Personal Injury

If a person causes you to be injured, you might be out of work for weeks or months while you recover. South Carolina’s personal injury laws allow injured victims to seek compensation for damages. Economic damages represent the financial losses incurred because of an accident or personal injury. Lost wages are included in economic damages. […]

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Business client and lawyer discussing documents

Why You Need a Non-Disclosure Agreement

This blog will discuss why you need a non-disclosure agreement if you have a business. A South Carolina business contracts attorney can talk to you and draft a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) tailored to your specific needs. You do not want to use a generic form for this important document. What a Non-Disclosure Agreement Does A […]

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Man looking at phone while driving

What Is Distracted Driving?

Navigating South Carolina’s sun-dappled highways might paint a picture of peaceful motoring, but the reality isn’t always as serene. Distracted driving, a problem that haunts our roadways, is more pervasive and dangerous than many perceive.  What exactly is this phenomenon?  Simply put, distracted driving refers to any activity that diverts a driver’s attention from the […]

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Business man sitting with an attorney

What to Do if Your Business Has Been Defrauded

When we hear about business fraud, we assume that the business was guilty of committing fraud on a consumer. However, businesses are also victims of fraud. Business fraud costs companies billions of dollars in losses each year.  If your business is the victim of fraud or misrepresentation, it is crucial that you take immediate steps […]

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Business partners speaking

Key Elements of a Shareholder Agreement

Whether you are starting or investing in a business, you need to ensure the shareholder agreement protects your rights and interests. Without a shareholder agreement, the parties could face time-consuming and costly disputes as the company grows. An experienced South Carolina business contracts attorney can ensure your shareholder agreement has the essential elements to reduce […]

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Wet floor sign

How to Prove Liability in a Slip and Fall Case

Slip and fall accidents are common personal injury claims. A person slips, trips, and falls because of a dangerous condition on another party’s property. Slip and fall claims can be filed against homeowners, businesses, government entities, management companies, leasing companies, and other parties controlling the property.  Slip and fall accidents are complicated premises liability claims. […]

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Flower on memorial stone close up

How to File a Wrongful Death Claim

If your close relative died because of someone else’s negligence or wrongful act, you might want to file a claim for compensation for your losses. Your family has suffered personal and financial losses from the untimely death.  A South Carolina wrongful death attorney can explain how to file a wrongful death claim. You do not […]

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Doctor holding an injured hand with a cast around it

Most Common Causes of Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are preventable mistakes that claim many lives in the United States every year. Facing the prospect of undergoing an operation is frightening enough without having to worry about whether the surgeon will make a mistake that changes or ends your life. The medical community refers to these mistakes as “never events” because they […]

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