personal injury case

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

It is not possible to say how much your personal injury case is worth before we talk to you and investigate your claim. Every personal injury case is different. Two people in the same car accident could have wildly different injury claim settlement values. A South Carolina personal injury attorney could handle your case so […]

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business owner consider an exit strategy

Business Essentials: Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

Starting a business in South Carolina is an exciting venture that can lead to great success and financial security. But for many, building and running a successful business doesn’t include thoughts about the end-game…when it’s time to walk away. South Carolina business attorneys advise that comprehensive business plans account for how to leave your business […]

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car accident victim meeting attorney

Why Should I Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Recent South Carolina Department of Public Safety statistics estimate one traffic collision occurs approximately every 3.7 minutes on South Carolina roadways. While many of these collisions are minor and can be settled between parties, many are injury accidents that demand restitution.  South Carolina car accident attorneys advise all drivers and passengers involved in traffic collisions […]

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What Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

When a loved one dies due to another’s negligence or fault, it can be especially hard to reconcile. Fortunately, wrongful death actions offer a decedent’s survivors the opportunity for justice and compensation after their loss.  If you are considering a wrongful death lawsuit in South Carolina, you need counsel from an experienced South Carolina wrongful […]

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Business man and woman looking business interruption insurance policy

6 Things to Know About Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance or business income insurance is a clause or endorsement either within another policy or added on to an existing policy. We will refer to both types as business interruption insurance (BII) within this blog article. We buy insurance to help us through times of difficulty. Business interruption insurance provides money for business […]

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Business partners shaking hands on a business decision

Should You and Your Partner Split Decision Making 50/50?

Splitting decision-making 50/50 with your business partner can cause a multitude of conflicts for your company. Many business partners end up splitting decision-making equally by default because their partnership documents do not clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each partner. A South Carolina business attorney can guide you through the formation of your partnership […]

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Woman with mask on opening her business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Business Update

Businesses all over America are facing challenges that we have never seen before. Companies are trying to stay afloat and position themselves to be ready for customers when the lockdown restrictions get lifted. In addition to surviving financially, your business needs to be mindful of potential liability claims down the road from clients and employees. […]

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