Person looking at key insurance policy.

Should Our Company Have Key Person Insurance?

When you operate a business, there are many types of insurance that you need. Some insurance policies are required by law, such as automobile liability insurance or workers’ compensation insurance. Other types of insurance are a wise investment to protect your business, such as liability insurance and property insurance. Our South Carolina business attorneys can […]

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A meeting to discuss corporate bylaws.

8 Things That Should Be in Your Corporate Bylaws

Bylaws are the governing document for your company. The bylaws set forth the rules and guidelines that allow the company to function smoothly. When drafting the bylaws, the incorporators can tailor and customize the bylaws for the company, but certain items should be included in every company’s bylaws. A South Carolina business attorney can help […]

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Couple with estate planning attorney trying to avoid common estate planning mistakes.

Five Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Although estate planning may seem daunting, it’s really about organizing your affairs and planning your financial future. By consulting an experienced estate planning attorney, you can avoid some common estate planning mistakes. Common Estate Planning Mistakes 1. Not Having a Will  A will is the most basic estate planning tool that establishes how your property […]

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Employee and employer making a verbal agreement.

Is a Verbal Agreement Enforceable in South Carolina?

Contracts are a key legal document used every day in business. A contract protects the interest of all parties by reducing their agreements to writing. A contract that meets all legal requirements is legally enforceable, which is vital when transacting business. However, is a verbal agreement ever enforceable in South Carolina? Our South Carolina business […]

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Willcox, Buyck & Williams, PA discusses what you need to know about UCC filings.

Understanding UCC Filings

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings are financing statements filed by mortgage companies, banks, creditors, and other lending institutions against secured collateral. The purpose of a UCC filing is to place other creditors on notice that a creditor has a secured lien against certain collateral that a debtor may be attempting to pledge as collateral for […]

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Willcox, Buyck & Williams, PA discusses five tips to help sell a privately-owned business.

Five Tips for Selling a Privately-Owned Business

You have built your company over the years into a thriving, successful business. However, you are ready to sell your privately-owned business, but you want to get top dollar for the company. A South Carolina business attorney can help you take the necessary steps to ensure that you receive the best value for your business. […]

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Wilcox, Buyck & Williams, PA discusses five tips to help protect your trade secrets from your current employees.

Five Tips to Protect Your Trade Secrets from Exiting Employees

Every business has trade secrets. Your business has sensitive information that requires protection to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Your secrets or proprietary information has economic value for your business. Failing to work with a South Carolina business lawyer to take steps to protect trade secrets from being disclosed or used by exiting employees could result […]

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Willcox, Buyck & Williams, PA discusses several considerations for businesses adopting biometric authentication strategies.

Businesses Adopting Biometric Authentication Strategies

Security is a top concern for all business owners. Issues related to protecting trade secrets, confidential information, company information, and customer data continue to be problematic, especially as hackers learn new ways to defeat security measures. In addition to utilizing enhanced security techniques, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), some companies are exploring biometric authentication technology […]

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