Family & Individual Services

  • Estate Planning

    Our lawyers help clients establish wills, durable powers of attorney, revocable “living” trusts, health care proxies, and living wills and also provide wealth management advice.

  • Tax Planning and Litigation

    Throughout every aspect of our work, we always keep an eye toward minimizing tax burdens. We also represent clients in civil controversies before auditors, appeals boards, the United States Tax Court and IRS tax collection officers.

  • Federal Criminal Defense

    Our lawyers have extensive experience with federal cases involving such white collar crimes as securities fraud, embezzlement, Medicare fraud / Medicaid fraud, false statements, bank fraud, and more.

  • Wealth Management

    We counsel and advice clients regarding the present management of their assets.

  • Personal Injury

    Automobile and truck accidents account for most personal injury trials but they are not the only source of tragic pain and suffering.

  • Social Security

    You may be entitled to Social Security benefits if you are no longer able to engage in any form of gainful employment.