Business Contract Dispute Attorneys

Although there is much less bloodshed during dispute resolutions today, at Willcox, Buyck & Williams we bring the same passion and dedication to the courtroom and the negotiating table as our forebears brought to a duel.

Breach of contract, misappropriation of intellectual property, fraud, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, interference – you name it; we have represented clients sued or suing over it. The variety of cases we see and clients we represent is endless, but our goal in each case remains the same – resolve the issue as quickly and cost-effectively as possible so our client can get back to business.

The courtroom is not the only dispute resolution arena our attorneys are familiar with. In fact, the majority of the work we do for business clients is outside of the judicial system.

In our experience, we have found that the quickest way, thus most cost-effective way, to resolve most business disputes is at the negotiating table. So that is always where we start when we take up a client’s case. Due to the nature of the legal world, we are acquainted with most of the attorneys hired by our clients’ adversaries. This means we have an open line of communication with the other side, and it is often by clearly communicating our client’s arguments and goals to the other side’s attorney that we are able to negotiate a resolution to the conflict at hand that is acceptable to both parties.

Mediation and arbitration are also popular dispute resolution options. These oft-confused concepts are actually quite different from one another, but each is a cost-effective means of resolving business disputes.

Mediation is a lot like negotiation in that the parties to the dispute retain the right to decide whether or not to settle for the terms offered. The difference is that a third party is the one trying to figure out what each party should offer the other side and come up with a solution both sides can agree to. If both sides agree to the solution proposed by the mediator, the terms are memorialized in a written settlement agreement. The agreement is a contract and is enforceable in court if one of the parties breaches it.

Arbitration is more similar to litigation than to mediation or negotiation. In the case of arbitration, the parties give up their power to decide the ultimate outcome to a neutral third party, then each side presents evidence to the decision-maker hoping to persuade him to decide in its favor. The arbitrator’s decision is binding on both parties.

Just fifteen years after dueling was banned in South Carolina, the Willcox Law Firm was founded. That means we have over 120 years of experience helping businesses in the Florence and Myrtle Beach areas work their way through contract disputes and other business disagreements so they can get back to focusing on business instead of worrying about legal issues.   If you are ready to resolve your business disputes once and for all, contact us today to schedule a consultation by calling us in Florence at (843)536-8050 or Myrtle Beach at (843)461-3020.