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While employees are typically the most valuable assets of a business, in certain situations, they can become a huge liability. At the South Carolina law firm of Willcox, Buyck & Williams, we work with our clients to ensure that polices are in place that minimize legal risks associated with labor and employment law matters and establish an environment in which businesses and their employees may thrive. 

Hiring and firing. Whether your employees are at-will or on contract, hiring, promotion, and firing decisions are some the most liability-fraught decisions you will make as a business owner. We help our clients ensure that they are making the best employee management decisions both from a liability perspective and from a business perspective. 

Regulatory compliance. Employment matters are one of the most highly regulated aspects of doing business. (Think OSHA, FMLA, ADA, FLSA, EEOC, NLRB, etc.) It is also an area of law that changes all the time as new laws are implemented and new court decisions clarify existing laws. We regularly help clients conduct internal compliance audits to identify areas where there is a risk that the business will be subject to a lawsuit or penalized by the government for non-compliance. If we identify any areas of concern, we work with our client to develop and implement a plan of action that addresses potential issues. 

Benefits. Negotiating benefits is a critical aspect of business management. Putting a plan in place that provides employees with insurance, time off, and other benefits is something all businesses should consider doing to ensure they are not violating any laws or inviting a lawsuit. It is also important to develop a plan for your own retirement. We can help you put legal, risk minimizing plans into place.

Employee handbooks. The best way to let your employees know what rules you expect them to follow is to write them down and then enforce them consistently. We can help you craft an employee handbook that covers all of the areas important to your business, and help you make sure that the rules you want to enforce are legal. 

Non-compete agreements. It used to be that only top-level executives were asked to sign non-compete agreements. Today, more employees than ever before are bound by them. We regularly help our clients draft non-compete agreements to protect their businesses. We also help clients challenge agreements that are impermissibly binding them or the workers they would like to hire. 

Workers’ compensation. All employers are going to have to deal with the workers’ compensation system at some point in time. Whether you have an employee injured on your job-site, or are managing an employee who was injured at another job, there are certain things you legally can and cannot do. We can help you navigate this system to ensure that your employees are taken care of and your business stays out of legal trouble. 

At Willcox, Buyck & Williams, we craft customized solutions to our clients’ employment needs, with the goal of maximizing the value of employees and minimizing your legal risk. Our offices are located in Florence and Myrtle Beach, but we serve businesses throughout Florence, Marion, Horry, Darlington, and Georgetown Counties. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation by calling us in Florence at (843)536-8050 or Myrtle Beach at (843)461-3020.

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