Jobs Created in South Carolina Despite the Sluggish Economy


What types of new jobs have become available in South Carolina?

It is not secret that the economy has been unstable for some time now. This probably makes most think twice about setting up a new business or expanding a current business into a new area. South Carolina is home to working class people and business owners alike and has no doubt been affected by the economic downturn. But, luckily for South Carolina one man has been able to convince a number of Chinese companies that the State is a great place to set up shop.

John Ling of the South Carolina is an employee of the South Carolina Commerce Department. He worked as a recruiter in China for 14 years before coming back to the United States recently. During that time, he worked with a number of companies, 9 of which have set up new factories in South Carolina. We are not talking about small operations. These companies are pumping millions into the economy and have created thousands of jobs. The newest company Ling has worked with is called China Jushi. This company will be setting up a fiberglass plant that will create 400 new jobs and bring $300 million to the state.

With a lot of business coming from China and experts expecting more to come, a number of businesses have had the opportunity to see for themselves that South Carolina is a good investment. But, that doesn’t mean that Chinese companies are the only ones that should be starting up or expanding in the state. Right now is a great time to do business in South Carolina.  Of course, matters relating to business can be complex. The smart entrepreneur knows the value of a solid and reliable legal team.  Talk to a South Carolina business and corporate law attorney today if you are considering doing business in the state.