Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident?

If you’ve been hurt in an injury accident, you may be wondering if you are entitled to financial compensation through a South Carolina personal injury legal action. Chances are if the accident resulted from another’s negligence, you probably have a viable claim against the at-fault party.

While you may be tempted to pursue damages on your own, hiring a professional South Carolina personal injury attorney may be a better choice. Let’s look at why hiring a personal injury attorney to act as your advocate is a good idea.

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney? 

After an injury accident, you are likely overwhelmed with emotion and concern in the face of physical injury, mounting medical debt, and lost wages. Trying to manage a personal injury claim under extreme emotional stress can leave you vulnerable to legal technicalities and manipulative tactics from the opposing party.  

Hiring a lawyer versed in personal injury law is your best bet to ensure that the handling of your personal injury action is thorough and well-executed. 

5 Reasons a Lawyer Should Represent Your South Carolina Personal Injury Claim

1. Protecting Your Legal Interests

When you retain legal counsel, you are hiring an advocate to protect your legal rights. Lawyers experienced in personal injury law understand the rules and regulations governing your rights to compensation. 

A skilled personal injury attorney will frame and argue your case within the scope of personal injury law and insurance regulations to get you the most compensation possible for your losses and pain and suffering. 

2. Conducting a Thorough Investigation

A personal injury claim requires well-documented, detailed facts to support an argument for financial damages. Personal injury attorneys use various resources and experts to gather evidence and build a case that will withstand scrutiny by the opposing party. 

3. Navigating Deadlines and Statutes of Limitations

Most personal injury cases are compromised by minor errors and oversights involving filing deadlines. Your claim is subject to a statute of limitations and other deadlines throughout the legal process from the time your injury accident occurs.

Attempting to balance your recovery and personally manage the complex legal process of an injury action opens you to errors and oversights that could compromise your case.  

An experienced personal injury lawyer will meet required timelines to ensure your case is not lost on a scheduling or other process technicality.  

4. Defending Your Rights Against Insurance Bad Faith 

Insurance companies are designed to make money, not lose it. Their primary interest is to minimize or eliminate financial losses, and they will use any strategy to do so.  

A savvy and experienced lawyer will anticipate the insurance adjusters’ tactics and ensure that you are not manipulated into accepting less than you deserve. 

5. Maximizing the Financial Award

Personal injury victims with lawyers representing their case are typically awarded higher payouts than victims who go it alone. This is generally attributed to an injury attorney’s ability to navigate the law, recognize and defeat bad-faith insurance tactics, and account for injury victims’ long-term recovery needs. 

Contact a South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Today

The aftermath of a personal injury accident brings with it a great deal of fear and emotion that can easily overwhelm even the most sensible person.

Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent your case for damages can offer confidence and peace of mind that your case will be properly handled. While you focus on healing and recovery, your attorney will fight for your rights to the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Contact our law firm today for knowledgeable and skilled representation by an experienced South Carolina personal injury attorney.