Bicycle on the floor after an accident with a car

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident

In South Carolina, the scenic roads and vibrant cycling community make biking a popular pastime and mode of transportation. However, cyclists find themselves particularly vulnerable when navigating traffic alongside larger, faster vehicles. Recognizing this, bicycle advocacy groups in the state have been instrumental in pushing for enhanced safety measures and laws that protect cyclists, ensuring they can share the roads safely with motor vehicles.

Despite these efforts, accidents happen. Being hit by a car while cycling can be a frightening and potentially life-changing event. Knowing the correct steps to take immediately after such an incident can significantly affect the outcome of any legal or insurance proceedings that follow.

Our South Carolina bike accident attorneys put together this guide on what to do if you’re involved in a bicycle accident with a car:

13 Things To Do If You’re in a Bike Accident in South Carolina

  1. Remain Calm and Assess Your Situation: Keeping calm allows you to think clearly and make better decisions following an accident.
  2. Move to Safety: Prioritize your immediate safety by moving out of the roadway to prevent further accidents.
  3. Call 911: It’s essential to report the accident to law enforcement and secure a police report, which plays a critical role in any legal and insurance claims.
  4. Exchange Information with the Driver: Collect contact and insurance information from the driver without discussing the accident details or admitting fault.
  5. Gather Witness Information: Witnesses can offer unbiased accounts of the incident, so collect their contact information for future reference.
  6. Document the Accident: Take detailed notes and photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and any damages to your bicycle and the vehicle involved.
  7. Seek Medical Attention: Even if you don’t feel injured, getting a medical evaluation is crucial since some injuries may not be immediately apparent.
  8. Do Not Repair Your Bicycle: Keep your bicycle in its damaged state until it has been documented and assessed by an attorney, as it serves as important evidence.
  9. Avoid Social Media: Refrain from posting details about the accident or your injuries online, as these posts can be used against you in insurance or legal matters.
  10. Consult a Personal Injury Attorney: An attorney can provide valuable advice on your rights and the best course of action for your situation.
  11. Report the Accident to Your Insurance: Inform your insurance company about the accident but consult with your attorney before providing detailed information.
  12. Follow-up with Medical Care: Continue to seek medical care for any injuries, following up as needed to address any delayed symptoms.
  13. Maintain Detailed Records: Document all medical treatments, communications with insurance companies, and any other expenses related to the accident.

Talk to Our South Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys

Navigating the aftermath of a bicycle accident can be overwhelming. By following these steps, you can protect your health, safety, and legal rights, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to handle the challenges that come with seeking compensation and recovery. Always consider consulting with a personal injury attorney who can guide you through the legal complexities specific to South Carolina, helping to secure the support and compensation you deserve.Contact our office today to speak with an attorney about your accident.